selected publications


Beauty of Our Pain Catalogue of the exhibition at the Hillside Gallery in Tokyo. Art Front Gallery+AA Publications, 1996. (out of print).

Objects viewed from the erased city. London: AA Publications, 1993.

Alternative guide to the Isle of Portland, Written with David Greene and Diploma Unit 11. London: AA Publications, 1998.

Before Object After Image, Documentation from 1996 to 2006 of the Koshirakura Landscape Workshop. London: AA Publications, 2006.

Compilations (selected)

10×10 10 critics, 100 architects, A kaleidoscopic view of the work of 100 contemporary architects. London: Phaidon Press, 2000.

Integrating Architecture AD (Academy).

Installation art. London: Thames & Hudson and Smithsonian Institution, 1994

Euro Design. Tokyo: Graphic-sha Publishing Co,.Ltd, 1989

Geidai 100. Tokyo: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, 2008.

Protoarchitecture Analogue and Digital Hybrids. London: AD July/August 2008.

Installation by Architects. Princeton, 2009.

Beyond Entropy. Stefano Rabolli Pansera. London: AA Publications, 2011.


Journals and reports/(selected)

Japan Architects jt (Nov. 93, Aug. 94, Oct. 94, Nov. 99);
Kenchiku Bunka (Nov. 93, July 94, Aug. 94);
AA files(no. 20,23,26,43 etc.);
Tostem View (May 88);
Building Design( Dec. 90);
Ryukotsushin(Nov 93, May 94);
Space & Environment (Winter 94);
Art in America (USA April 94);
Gekkan Gallery (May 94);
Japan Times (1st May 94);
GA japan(9-10, 96);
Geijyutsu Shincho (Sept.96);
Asahi News Paper (1st Aug. 96, 11th Sept. 97, 5th Aug. 2000);
The AA Project Reviews (UK 1992~ 2011);
Contemporary (UK Sept.2002).

Lectures (selected)

Tamasek Polytechnic (Singerpore)1995;
UCL (London) 2008, UEL(London) 1997;
Oxford Brooks University (Oxford) 2002, 2008;
Bennington College (Vermont, USA) 1996;
Shenzhen University (Shenzhen China) 2001;
Tongahi Unversity (Taichun, Taiwan) 2001;
Oversea Chinese University (Fuzhou, China)2002;
Edinburgh University (Edinburgh, Scotland) 2007;
Yokohama University (Yokohama Japan) 2005;
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Tokyo) 2004;
University of Beirut (Beirut, Lebanon) 2001;
Berlin Technical University (Berlin, Germany) 1998;
Bergen Architecture School (Bergen, Norway) 2004;
Architectural Association (London) 2006;
Chelsea School of Arts (London) 2008;
University of Aachen (Aachen Germany) 2008;
Royal Academy of Arts (London) 2008;
Arizona State University (Phoenix) 2009;
ACC Ginza 2010, Architectural Association (London) 2011.