1983                         “News Paper Cycles” Geidai, Ueno Tokyo.

1985                         “Ueno ‘85” Group Exhibition Geidai Exhibition Gallery, Tokyo.

1986                         “Studio Furniture” group show at Kobun Art Gallery, Tokyo.

1987                         “Reflection ‘87” group installation at the Art Space, Aoyama, Tokyo.

1988                          Graduate Exhibition, Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, Ueno, Tokyo.

1991                          Artist in residence Camden Arts Centre. Installation “The English House”.

1992                         “Bed Machine” Venice Biennale of Architecture.

1993                          “Objects Viewed From The Erased City” Solo exhibition, Architectural Association.

“World Map + Cabinet” Solo exhibition, Mars Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo.

1994                          “Impossible Vehicles” Solo exhibition, Spiral Garden, Wacoal Art Centre, Aoyama, Tokyo.

1995                          “Beauty of Our Pain” Residency and Installation at Bennington College, Vermont, USA.

1996                           “Beauty of Our Pain” Solo exhibition, Art Front Gallery, Hillside Terrace, Daikanyama, Tokyo.

2000                          “Slow Box + After Image” Tsumari International Art Festival, Tsumari, Japan.

2001                          “Lodging London/Tokyo” in collaboration with Tadashi Kawamata, Architectural Association, UK.

2002                           “Local Stations”, Documents of the workshop in Taiwan.

“Portable Paris”, Workshop in Paris working with Jean-Baptiste Marrot and the AA students. Installations at The AA gallery.

2003                            “Material Intelligence” Group show at Entwistle Gallery, London.

“E/S House Project-’House Inside The House / House Outside The House’. Documentary and Installation. in Collaboration with Spiral/Wacoal Art Centre, Tokyo.

“Slow Box + After Image #2” Niigata, Japan.

2004/5                          Play ground and Toys for the Art For the World.

2006                            “Before object, After image – Koshirakura Landscape 1996-2006. (main gallery, Architectural Association, London).

2007                            “How to walk a flat elephant” prototype installation work in collaboration with Okamura Furniture Corporation, Akasaka, Tokyo.

2008/9                         “Twisting Concrete AA Maeda Workshop, Collaborative Architectural Association, London.

“Urban Toys” with Rubens Azedevo, AA FAB Exhibition, Village Underground, London.

2010                            Installation works for EV+A, Limerick, Ireland.

“Time Machine” in Beyond Entropy, collaboration with Andrew Jaffe, astrophysicist, Venice Biennale of Architecture.