slow box after image


The project was created for the first Tsumari International Art Triennial in 2000 intended to make linkage between 7 towns of Tsumari District. It required the construction of an over-sized camera vehicle (Slow Box) and an archive space (After Image).

Slow Box can fit a person inside its wooden structure. It travels across villages with the help of an agricultural tractor. With 15-30min-exposure time, it directly prints (imprint) images in the size of 1.5×1.5 Meter Square on to 5mm thick glass pane coated with photo emulsion. We asked each town to recommend their most beautiful village/community in difficult location for us to reach. 7 villages showed their interest to collaborate namely, Takakura, Takizawa, Kurokura, Kettou, Seitayama, Funasaka and Koshirakura. The journey was organized as 3-4 days in each village, taking photographs as a form of communication, just us being a group of visitors asking permissions for taking pictures, except the camera that is big and slow enough to be taken seriously.