yamagata farm conversion

The Yamagata Farming Estate in the Tochigi prefecture was established 100 years ago and now lies in neglected ruins. The aim of this project is to rearrange the existing texture of the landscape by cultivating artworks to form new ground for the public. This first stage of the long term development plan will create a new entrance from which land will start to unfold. Reversing the process of pre-occupied land and manipulating the formula which has been associated with farming, forms the strategy for the proposal.

Cutting and shifting: a river runs along the Valley and has been diverted for the water system; the valley is cut and pasted into a series of terrace fields and level the ground. there is a barn in the middle of the estate -one half of the structure stands on the surface of infield area, under which is the hidden topography of old river bed. Unsuitable foundations have affected the timber structure of the barn and it is now on the point of collapse. The proposal has been put forward to cut the barn into half, remove it from unstable foundations and move it 30 m across the hidden river to the other side of the original ground.

Reforming artifact: in order to move one half of the structure, some sort of mechanical procedure will be necessary. The idea is to gather redundant agricultural machine parts and tools and transform this barn into a hybrid structure -a cross between a winding musical box and plough. It will become a new appliance for turning the earth. It will play music as it moves, slowly, reading the texture of the earth.

New entrance: as it moves apart, removal of the soil between the two halves of the barn will expose the old river bed and create a space between the new and the old ground. This gap will become the new entrance to the old landscape.

The project is in permanent suspension.