twisting concrete (furniture) #2

Experimentation Phase: April 2009 / Application Phase: July 2009.

The AA Maeda Twisting Concrete Workshop 2008/09 continued its material experimentation with fiber reinforced concrete as the second phase of Twisting Concrete Workshop, exploring various forms of furniture with the applied notion of minimal surface. Design research includes alternative uses fiberglass -reinforced concrete (GRC), plaster-fabric open cast formworks using steel tubing to be integrated to the product.

A family of furniture was created at Hooke Park over two sessions in spring/summer 2009.

Works being shown on the AA terrace exemplify different fabrication principles such as: Tailor-made Concrete Cow, Fold and Freeze Carpet, Three-way stretched Diaper and Looped Basins.

AA Maeda Workshop 2008/2009 (April, July, September. 2009)

Twisting Concrete Furniture Phase Design and Construction Team;

Shin Egashira, Rubens Azedevo, Max Kahlen, Ioana Illesiu, Summer Islam, Graham K Smith, Faraz Anoushehpour, Sarah Ho, Scrap Marshall, Kayvan Sarvi, Jiehwoo Seung, Anna Schepper, Sanaa Shaikh, Mustafa el Sayed, Maria Eugenia Villafane, Sara Pezeshk, Stephanie Chaltiel, Jheny Nieto, Sara Mazen Saleh.