urban toys for AAFAB

Urban Toys are furniture pieces made out of fibrocement. The form and function of each piece is customized in response to specific situations. They can exist as single units or combined together. Every individual piece is unique and they all share the same structural principle of the double curvature surface. The design research has been to develop use-specific objects that trigger the question of how we use furniture.

The design process of the furniture pieces is a combination of handcraft and digital tools. Every piece is firstly worked out as a hand made physical model and than developed and analysed using various software and the fabrication becomes a dialog between hi and low tech: model to computer to drawing to model to machine to prototype to drawing to manufacture to hand casting fibrocement.

Fibrocement is the material of choice because of its aesthetic and plastic qualities a material that can be handle in situ by non-specialized hands and only require of-the-shelf equipment and also can be used on an industrial process.

At Hooke Park the process focused first on bending 3/4 steel pipe into a series of frames that when combined formed a twisted loop.  Using stretchable fabric to find the minimal surfaces that form the double curvature shells.  The shells were cast by hand using fibrocement.

Comissioned: AA FAB cluster, AA Maeda Workshop, Established & Sons, Arup & Partners, Adams Kara Taylor and Land Securities.